Borrowing Kindle Books from your library's OverDrive website

You can borrow Kindle Books from your library's OverDrive website, then read them on Kindle devices or Kindle reading apps.

Note: Kindle Books are currently available for U.S. libraries only.

  1. Open your library's OverDrive website (you can find it using
  2. Find a Kindle Book to borrow. You can see all of your library's Kindle Books by selecting the Kindle Books link near the top of the site (or under Menu on mobile devices).
    Note: You may want to check whether a Kindle Book has any device restrictions before you borrow it (this is most common for picture books, read-alongs, and graphic novels).
  3. Select Borrow. If prompted, sign into your library.
  4. Choose a lending period for the title (if available). Then, select Borrow again.
  5. After you borrow the title, select Read now with Kindle.
  6. You'll be taken to Amazon's website to finish getting the ebook.
    Note: You must complete this step for the book you borrowed to appear in the "Your Content and Devices" list in your Amazon account. If the book doesn't appear in this list, you won't be able to download it on any device.
    • If you're signed into your Amazon account, verify the "Deliver to:" device and select Get Library Book.
    • If you're not signed into your Amazon account, select Get Library Book, and sign in.

Your Kindle ereader needs a Wi-Fi connection to download library Kindle Books from Amazon. If you don't have a Wi-Fi connection, you'll need to transfer the title via USB.

Once a book is on your Kindle device or reading app, you can read it just like any other Kindle Book. For specific help reading on your device (like how to change the font or save a bookmark), visit Amazon Device Support.

If you want to read the ebook on a different Kindle device or app, you can deliver it again from Amazon's website during the lending period.

Last Updated: 05 July 2023 12:26 PM