Getting started with the OverDrive app

If you can't install the OverDrive app, we encourage you to try Libby instead—the easiest way to borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and more from your public library. Get started with Libby on Android, iOS, or in your browser.

As of February 23, 2022, the OverDrive app is only available in the Amazon Appstore for Fire tablets and on other devices in select countries.

Use these steps to get started with the OverDrive app.

Step 1

Install the OverDrive app from the Amazon Appstore (or another app store, where available).

Step 2

Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to sign in (or sign up) using your library card or a free OverDrive account. Learn which sign-in option is right for you.

If you're under 13, you can use one of the under-13 sign-in options.

Step 3

In the OverDrive app, find your library's digital collection (see specific steps for Fire tablets, Android, Chromebooks, iOS, or Windows 8/10).

Once you've found it, click or tap the collection name to start browsing. This will also automatically save the collection to your library list in the app.

Step 4

Borrow a title (you'll need to sign into your library to complete this step).

Step 5

After you borrow a title, you can:

  • Select Read now with Kindle (U.S. only) to complete checkout on Amazon's website and send the book to your Kindle device or Kindle reading app.
  • Select Download to download EPUB ebooks and MP3 audiobooks to the app Bookshelf.
  • Select Read now in browser to open magazines, read-alongs, or MediaDo Reader ebooks right in your web browser.
  • Close the pop-up window to keep browsing and borrowing.

To see all of your borrowed titles, select loans to go to your library Loans page.

To open the titles you downloaded or added to the app, go to your app Bookshelf.

Last Updated: 03 January 2023 11:53 AM