How to use MediaDo Reader

MediaDo Reader is a browser-based ebook reader designed to read graphic novels and right-to-left or top-to-bottom content.

To start using MediaDo Reader, select the Read button for a borrowed ebook.

As long as you read the ebook in the same browser, MediaDo Reader will save your place and bookmarks.

The basics

  • MediaDo Reader typically reads right to left. To move forward in the book, click or tap the left side of the screen.
    Page forward arrow in MediaDo Reader
  • To move back in the book, click or tap the right side of the screen.
    Page back button in MediaDo Reader
  • To bring up the menu, click or tap the center of the screen.
  • Use the bottom scroll bar to quickly move through the book. Slide it to the left to move forward in the book, or slide it to the right to move backward.
  • Use the white arrow button (Previous reading position button) in the bottom-right corner to return to your previous reading position in the book. For example, if you jump too far back or ahead, you can go back to your last page.
  • On a mobile device, pinch to zoom in on a page. On a desktop computer, double-click or use the zoom icons (zoom out and zoom in options) to zoom in or zoom out.

Table of contents

To jump to a different chapter in the book, open the menu and select the Contents table of contents button button. Then, select the chapter you'd like to read.

Create and edit bookmarks

  • To add a bookmark or see the bookmarks you already made, open the menu and select the Bookmarks button . Select a bookmark you created to jump to that page.
  • In some books (usually comic books), select add bookmark in the pop-up to save a bookmark. You can select add bookmark again to overwrite the bookmark or select Clear all bookmarks to remove them.
  • In other books (usually novels), select Add bookmark to save a bookmark. You can select X to remove the bookmark.
Last Updated: 08 December 2023 09:15 AM