How to add a library in OverDrive for Fire tablets and Android

You can use the "Manage libraries" feature to find, save, and access your library in the OverDrive app.

How to add a library

  1. In the OverDrive app, tap the icon in the top-left corner to open the Home menu.
  2. Tap Manage libraries.
  3. Tap the Plus sign to search for your library.
    Manage libraries screen. See instructions above
  4. Enter your library's name, city, or postal code in the search box, then tap Search.
    Library finder. See instructions above.
  5. Tap your library, then tap the Star icon to save its OverDrive collection to your library list. From here, you can also tap the library's name to start browsing right away.
    A library that's ready to be saved. See instructions above.

Saved libraries appear in the Home menu above "Manage libraries."

Last Updated: 18 March 2022 05:11 PM