How to use the dictionary, highlight text, and add notes when reading in your browser

When reading in your browser with OverDrive Read, you can define words, take notes, and highlight sections of text.

To do so, click or tap and hold the word until it's highlighted. Drag the cursor to select more than one word. Then:

  • Click or tap Define to look up the highlighted word or phrase in the dictionary. Scroll to the bottom of the panel to explore the word or phrase on Wikipedia, Google, Google Translate, or
  • Click or tap Highlight to highlight the passage. Select the highlighted passage again to change the highlighter color, make a note, or delete the highlight. You can find notes and highlights by selecting Bookmarks and highlights button in the navigation bar.
  • Click or tap Search Within Book to find other places where the word or phrase appears in the title.
Last Updated: 08 December 2023 09:15 AM