What are fixed-layout titles?

Fixed-layout books keep the publisher's formatting intact so the digital version looks just like the print version. This format is often used for graphic novels and picture books.

When you read fixed-layout books, you won't be able to adjust the layout, font, or book design. Instead, you can zoom into individual pages to make words and pictures larger:

  • To enter zoom mode: Select Zoom button in the navigation bar or pinch out on a smaller device.
  • To adjust the zoom level: Use Zoom in or Zoom out on a larger device, or pinch in or out on a smaller device.
  • To move the page around while in zoom mode: Click (or tap) and drag.
  • To exit zoom mode: Select Zoom out on a larger device or pinch in on a smaller device until you zoom out completely.

Here's an example fixed-layout spread from the graphic novel Kristy's Big Day: The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix Series, Book 6.

Two pages from a fixed-layout graphic novel, the first introducing the main characters, the second showing the first several comic panels.
Last Updated: 08 December 2023 02:44 PM