How to rate titles in your library's digital collection

The star ratings you see in your library's digital collection are based on user ratings across all OverDrive digital collections.

To add your own rating for a title, tap or click on the star rating you want to assign.

You can add ratings from a title details or search result (list view) page for any title in your library's digital collection. To rate titles you currently have checked out, go to your Loans page (under loans).

Once you rate a title, the stars will change color.

View your rated titles

To see all the titles you rated, click or tap loans, then select Rated titles (you'll need to be signed in to get to this page).

From there, you can change or remove your ratings, borrow available titles, and place holds on unavailable titles.

Remove your ratings

To remove your rating for a title, click or tap your current rating. For example, if you gave a title four stars, click or tap the fourth star again to remove the rating.

Once you remove your rating, the title will be removed from your Rated titles page.

Last Updated: 08 December 2023 02:44 PM