What to do if your ereader is not detected by Adobe Digital Editions

When you transfer titles to an ereader (like a NOOK or Kobo), make sure it's connected to your computer before you open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). When an ereader is recognized by ADE, you'll see it in ADE under "Devices."

If your ereader isn't recognized by ADE, these tips may help solve the problem.

  • Update to the most recent version of ADE.
  • Check for a file-transfer prompt on your ereader's screen. You may need to accept for it to appear in ADE.
  • Check whether your ereader appears under "[My] Computer" or "This PC" (Windows) or "My Desktop" (Mac). If it doesn't, you may need to reinstall the drivers on your computer, or contact your device's manufacturer.
  • Try closing ADE and disconnecting your ereader. Then, reconnect your ereader to a different USB port and wait a few moments to see if it appears.
  • If you continue to have problems with ADE, see this article for more troubleshooting options.

If these steps don't correct the issue, please try a factory reset of your device. You can typically find those instructions on the manufacturer's help website.

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Last Updated: 08 December 2023 09:15 AM