What to do if you're having trouble signing into your library's OverDrive website

If you're having trouble signing into your library's OverDrive website, these tips may help:

  • If you see a "Something went wrong" error during sign-in, select the Go back button on the page or the Back button in your browser. Then, try signing in again.
  • If you're prompted to select a library branch, be sure to select the correct branch. Sometimes different branches can have very similar names.
  • Check that you've entered your library card number (and password or PIN, if required) correctly.

If you're having any of the following problems, you'll need to contact your library for help:

  • You can't remember your library card number.
  • Your library requires a PIN or password, and you don't have one or can't remember it.
  • You get a "library server message" (that you can't fix by checking that your sign-in information is correct). This could indicate a problem with your library account (for example, your card expired, you were issued a new card, or you reached the limit on your fines) or a problem with your library's whole authentication system.
Last Updated: 21 September 2022 04:27 PM