Troubleshooting errors that say an ebook has been downloaded or fulfilled by another user or account

If you download an ebook on one device, then try to download it to the OverDrive app or Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on another device, you may see one of the following errors:

  • This title has been downloaded using a different account. Authorize this app with the same OverDrive account (or Adobe ID) you originally used to download the title.

You may also see this type of error on a single device if you uninstall and reinstall the OverDrive app, but sign into the app in a different way.

These errors mean you're using more than one authorization (or app sign-in) method. The authorization needs to match on all your devices in order to download the same books to each of them.

To fix and prevent this error, make sure you're using the same authorization to sign into the OverDrive app or ADE on all of your devices.

Note: You may also want to consider trying the Libby app to enjoy digital titles from your library. Libby doesn't require authorization, so you won't run into this problem there, and your current OverDrive loans will be waiting for you in Libby when you sign in with your library card.

Last Updated: 28 March 2024 11:26 AM