Recent updates to the digital library platform

OverDrive is always working to improve your digital library experience, which sometimes includes adding or changing features. Learn more about recent changes below.

Note: Formats, titles, and features vary by library, so some of these changes may not apply to your library's digital collection.

March 3, 2020

  • When a hold becomes available for you, you'll now have the option to borrow it or have it delivered later. The "deliver later" option keeps you at the front of the wait list but passes that copy of the title to the next person in line. This feature gives you more control over your holds, so you can borrow and read titles when it's most convenient for you.
  • The auto-checkout option for holds has been removed. Instead, all users can go to their Holds page to borrow available holds.
  • Your library's digital collection now has a notification section to alert you about available holds.
    Note: You'll still receive email notifications about your holds.

Other recent updates

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Last Updated: 21 January 2021 02:26 PM