How can I find the permissions for streaming videos and what do they mean?

Some videos have extra permissions (digital rights) that are set by the publisher. These permissions determine how you can watch the video once you borrow it.

You can view a video's permissions from its details page by opening the Details tab.

Permissions can include:

  • Expires: Once you start watching this video, it will expire from your library account after a set amount of time (like 48 hours), even if there are extra days left in your lending period.
  • Public performance: The publisher does (or does not) allow this video to be played in a public setting (like a classroom or public library).
  • Playback limited: You can only watch this video from certain geographic regions (like the United States or Canada), and/or you can only watch this video from a certain number of IP addresses.
Last Updated: 18 October 2021 03:01 PM