How to transfer audiobooks to an MP3 player that doesn't appear in OverDrive for Windows

If your MP3 player doesn't show up as a "Player" in the OverDrive Transfer Wizard, you can copy the audiobook from your Windows computer directly to your device.

Note: You won't be able to use these steps for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Use the steps below to manually transfer the audiobook to your device:

  1. Download the audiobook to OverDrive for Windows.
  2. Find the audiobook files on your computer. By default, you'll find them under [My] Documents > My Media > MP3 Audiobooks.
  3. Plug your MP3 player into your computer.
  4. Drag the audiobook to your device and store it with your other media (music or audiobooks). Your MP3 player will appear as a removable device in the left-hand side of the Windows Explorer (or File Explorer) window.
  5. Safely disconnect your MP3 player from your computer.

The audiobook should now appear on your device.

Last Updated: 10 January 2024 01:03 PM