Why can't I find the title I put on hold?

If you can't find a title that you placed on hold, there are a few possible explanations:

  • You used different cards to place and retrieve your holds
    It's possible you're not signed in with the card you used to place the hold. If you have multiple library cards (or share a device with a family member), try signing out and signing back in with another card, then check your Holds page.
  • Your library card was recently replaced
    If you've recently replaced your library card (because the old one was lost, stolen, or worn out), it's possible your library still needs to add your old library card info, including your holds, to the new one. In this case, contact your library and ask them to do so.
  • The hold expired
    Your hold could have been available, but it expired before you tried to borrow it. Once your hold is available, you have three days to borrow it or have it delivered later. If you take no action, the "deliver later" option is automatically applied one time. If you take no action a second time, your hold will expire and be canceled.
Last Updated: 28 March 2024 11:26 AM