Getting started with streaming video on your library's OverDrive website or in the OverDrive app

If your library's OverDrive website offers streaming videos, you can borrow and watch free shows, movies, and more. Videos are streaming only and can't be downloaded, so you'll need an internet connection to watch them.

Depending on what device you're using, videos will play either in your web browser or in the OverDrive app.

Note: Streaming videos can consume a lot of data, so we recommend streaming over a Wi-Fi connection.

How to watch streaming videos

To get started, borrow a streaming video from your library. Then:

  • If you're using your computer's web browser (like Chrome or Safari) or OverDrive for Windows 8/10, select Watch now in browser to start watching in a new tab.
  • If you're using the OverDrive app on a Fire tablet or an Android, Chromebook, or iOS device, tap Add to bookshelf to add the video to the OverDrive app. You'll need to go to your app Bookshelf to start watching the video.

What devices and browsers work best

Streaming videos work on computers and Windows 8 and 10 devices as long as you have an up-to-date web browser, like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 or newer, or Safari.

On Fire tablets and Android, Chromebook, and iOS devices, you'll need:

  • The OverDrive app, v3.8.6 or newer
  • FireOS 5 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 12 or higher

If you can't install the OverDrive app to watch streaming videos on your device, we recommend switching to a supported web browser on a computer.

If you're not sure whether your device or browser is compatible, you can try the sample below to see if it works.

Last Updated: 12 May 2022 02:01 PM