How to transfer audiobooks to an MP3 player using a Mac

Use the steps below to transfer audiobooks from your Mac to an MP3 player.

Note: If you have an iPod, use these instructions instead, because transferring to iPods works differently.

  1. Plug your MP3 player into your computer.
  2. Open a "Finder" window.
  3. Go to Documents > My Media > MP3 Audiobooks.
  4. Open another "Finder" window (you can use Command + N on your keyboard).
  5. Find your MP3 player, which should be listed in the left-hand panel under "Locations" or "Devices."
  6. Drag the audiobook from the "MP3 Audiobooks" folder to your device.

If you're having trouble transferring an audiobook, try dragging the individual files to your device instead of the entire audiobook folder.

Last Updated: 13 August 2019 02:47 PM