How to transfer audiobooks to an iPod using OverDrive for Windows (desktop)

You can transfer audiobooks from your computer to your iPod using OverDrive for Windows (desktop).

Device notes:

Transferring audiobooks

Note: We always recommend using the latest versions of iTunes and the OverDrive desktop app.

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes (if it doesn't open automatically).
  3. In iTunes, turn on the Manually manage music setting (or enable disk use if you're using an iPod shuffle). This is a one-time step that is required to transfer audiobooks to your iPod from OverDrive for Windows (desktop).
    Note: You may get an error (such as "No portable players could be found...") if you don't turn on "Manually manage music" or enable disk use before transferring.
  4. Open OverDrive for Windows (desktop).
  5. Select an audiobook, then click Transfer.
  6. When the transfer wizard opens, click Next.
    The OverDrive Transfer Wizard. See above for more information.
  7. Select your device under "Player." Be sure to choose the Apple device (name of your device) option (not "Apple USB Driver," "ROOT directory...," etc.).
    Play drop-down menu in the Transfer Wizard
  8. Select the part(s) you want to transfer and click Next.
  9. When the transfer is complete, click Finish to close the transfer wizard.

Where to find transferred audiobooks on your iPod

By default, transferred audiobooks are listed under Music > Albums.

You can change where transferred audiobooks appear on your device by following these instructions.

No portable players could be found. Please make sure your portable player or cable is properly inserted into the appropriate slot of this computer.

Last Updated: 09 February 2021 12:51 PM