With your history, you can see which titles you've already read from a certain author or where you left off with a series.

How your history works

Titles are automatically added to your History page (under ) when you borrow them.

Each title on your History page is marked with the date of the loan or the date you added it.

If you borrow a title more than once, it will appear in your history multiple times.

Adding titles manually

To add a title, select more icon from a collection or search results page, then Add to history.

Removing titles

To remove a title, go to your History page, select more icon, then Remove from history.

If you remove a title that's listed more than once, all instances of that title are removed from your history.

Importing your rated titles

If you have any rated titles, you can add all of them to your history using the Add rated titles button. If a rated title is already on your history, it won't be added again.

Hiding your history

You can hide the history if you don't want to see it. Learn more here.

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2018 04:10PM EDT