You can install OverDrive for Android on your Kindle Fire, Fire HD, or Fire HDX to borrow and enjoy a wide selection of eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos from your library's digital collection.

Note: Some streaming video titles (like those from Starz) cannot be played on Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets.

Option 1: Download through the Amazon Appstore (U.S. only)

Note: You need to have an active credit card on your Amazon account with 1-Click purchases turned on to download any apps, including free apps like OverDrive.

  1. Search for OverDrive from the Appstore on your device.
    You can also install OverDrive from your computer, but we recommend working directly from your Fire, Fire HD, or Fire HDX.
    Note: To get to the Appstore on your Fire, Fire HD, or Fire HDX, tap Apps, then Store.
  2. Tap the OverDrive icon, then tap Download.
  3. You'll find OverDrive in your "Apps" list (tap Home, then Apps).

Option 2: Download through the OverDrive's website

If you can't download the OverDrive app from the Amazon Appstore, use the following steps to install the app on your device.

  1. From your device's home screen, tap the battery icon in the upper-right corner, then select More.
  2. Tap Device.
  3. Turn the switch for "Allow Installation of Applications" to the ON position.
  4. In your device's browser, navigate to
  5. Select the Android OS v2.2-3.2 link for first generation Kindle Fire tablets, and use the Android OS 4.0 (or newer) link for second generation (and newer) Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Fire HDX tablets. Then, follow the prompts to complete installation.

Visit Amazon's website for more information about getting public library books for your Kindle and to learn more about transferring content to your Kindle via USB.

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015 09:31AM EDT