If an audiobook isn't downloading in the OverDrive app, use the steps below to ensure sure downloads are turned on in the app.

Note: We recommend downloading audiobooks over a Wi-Fi connection since they are often large files that use a lot of data.

Ensure downloads are turned on in the OverDrive app

  1. Open the OverDrive app.
  2. Tap the icon in the top-left corner to open the Home menu.
  3. Tap Files.
  4. Ensure that downloads are turned on. The download icon will look like this:
    The downloads button
    Note: This setting is turned on by default.
  5. Once you try downloading a title from your library account, its files should now download automatically. If they start downloading, there's no need to continue on to the steps below.
  6. If downloads do not start, go to the Files section of the Home menu, tap the title and parts you'd like to download, then tap Download.

If the audiobook parts still don't start downloading or they don't move past "Waiting," use the steps below.

Cancel all waiting downloads, then restart them

  1. In the Files section of the Home menu, tap an audiobook that's trying to download or waiting to download.
  2. Tap Delete All.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each title you're trying to download.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Open the OverDrive app, and go to the Files section of the Home menu again.
  6. Tap the audiobook that hasn't downloaded, then tap Download All.
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017 02:32PM EDT