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  • MP3 players

    MP3 players are available from a number of manufacturers and are designed to play MP3 audio files, like audiobooks from your library. We have separate guides for Apple and iOS devices, which work a little differently than non-Apple devices. So, if you have one of these devices, please see our devi...

    Feb 13, 2017 12:16PM EST
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  • Kobo

    Newer Kobo ereaders With a Kobo Forma, Aura ONE, Aura H2O Edition 2, Aura Edition 2, or Clara HD, you can borrow and read ebooks directly on the device. These ereaders work differently than older Kobo devices or ereaders from other manufacturers. Learn how to get started with these Kobo er...

    Nov 09, 2018 04:20PM EST
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  • NOOK

    NOOK GlowLight 3 The NOOK GlowLight 3 is an eReader that lets you transfer library eBooks from a computer using Adobe Digital Editions. Learn how to get started with a NOOK GlowLight 3 here. NOOK GlowLight Plus The NOOK GlowLight Plus is an eReader that lets you transf...

    Dec 14, 2017 02:27PM EST
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  • Ereaders

    Ereaders (also known as ebook readers or E Ink readers) are available from a number of manufacturers, and have displays that resemble ink on printed paper. They're used primarily for reading ebooks. Note: Kindle ereaders work a little differently than other ereaders in this profile becaus...

    Nov 09, 2018 04:20PM EST
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  • Fire tablets

    Fires are popular tablets made by Amazon. They have web browsers, the ability to install apps, and are compatible with Kindle Books (U.S. libraries only). Fire tablets run FireOS, which is based on the Android operating system, so many of our Android help articles are also useful for Kindle Fire ...

    Jun 20, 2018 02:22PM EDT
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  • Kindle eReaders

    Kindles are a line of popular eReaders from Amazon designed to work with the Kindle Book format (U.S. libraries only). We have a separate device profile for Fire tablets , which are compatible with more digital formats. You can read more about Kindles on Amazon's website. Compatible for...

    Apr 18, 2018 12:13PM EDT
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  • Mac

    Macintosh (Mac) is a line of personal computers designed and developed by Apple. Current models run the OS X operating system. You can read more about Mac on Apple's website. Software OverDrive for Mac (for listening to, burning, and transferring audiobooks) ...

    Aug 17, 2018 04:25PM EDT
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  • Windows

    Windows is an operating system from Microsoft that's found on many desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Windows has many versions; the latest is Windows 10. To find out which version of Windows you're using, you can search for "System" on your computer, then select the System option under "Con...

    Aug 17, 2018 04:25PM EDT
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  • iPods

    iPods are media players created by Apple. If you have an iPod touch, which is an iOS device, please see our iOS device profile instead. Software OverDrive for Windows or Mac (to transfer audiobooks from a computer to an iPod) iTunes (also required to t...

    Dec 20, 2017 11:49AM EST
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  • iOS

    iOS is Apple's mobile operating system, found on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can read more about iOS on Apple's website. Apps Libby (for borrowing and enjoying ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines; recommended for public library users) Sora (for...

    Nov 08, 2018 04:36PM EST
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