eBook display issues can happen for a number of reasons and may be based on your device, your version of iOS, or the eBook file itself.

You may see error messages like:

  • This page contains the following errors: error on line [X] at column [Y]: Opening and ending tag mismatch: style line 0 and appoverride.

You may also just see display issues but no error message like:

  • The reader is not using the settings you've applied. For example, two columns of text are displayed instead of one.
  • Text cut off at the bottom of a page.
  • Lines of text overlapping with each other

To resolve these issues, use the steps below:

Note: For the best experience, we always recommend using the latest version of the OverDrive app.

  1. In the OverDrive app, open the problematic eBook from your Bookshelf.
  2. Tap the center of the eBook, then the Settings icon.
  3. Turn Default layout off. If the setting is already turned off, turn it back on.
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 05:03PM EDT