Users under the age of 13 now have two options for signing into the OverDrive app: the under-13 option and the library card option (which is available for many libraries and schools).

Both options allow under-13 users to use the OverDrive app without handing over personal information, in full compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA).

Learn more about the under-13 option

To use this option, select the under-13 link at the bottom of the screen when the app launches for the first time.

Here are some limitations of using the under-13 option:

  • If you download an eBook, you won't be able to download it on other devices.
  • If you need to reinstall the app, you'll get a new under-13 authorization, which means you won't be able to download any borrowed eBooks that you previously downloaded (unless you check them out again).

If you want to download the same eBooks on other devices, please authorize the OverDrive app using a library card (if this option is available) or have a parent or guardian create an OverDrive account that you can use to sign in.

Learn more about the library card option

The library card option is available for many OverDrive library and school websites at this time (and we're working to continuously add more). Whenever possible, we recommend that under-13 users use the library card option since it comes with added benefits, like the ability to download the same eBooks on multiple devices. You'll also be able to use your library card to sign into your library or school's OverDrive website and

Please see this help article to learn how to sign into the OverDrive app with your library card.

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 12:15PM EST