If you need to deauthorize your eReader, you can use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to do so. Once you've deauthorized your eReader, you'll be free to authorize it with a different Adobe ID or your OverDrive account.

Note: Clearing the authorization disables all eBooks in ADE and on your eReader. These titles are still tied to the original Adobe ID or OverDrive account you were signed in with when you downloaded them.

Deauthorizing your eReader

  1. Connect your eReader to the computer.
  2. Open ADE on your computer.
  3. Click on your eReader under "Devices."
    If your eReader is missing, make sure it's plugged into your computer, then close and re-open ADE.
    Screenshot highlighting the Devices menu in ADE.
  4. Select Device Options, then Erase Device Authorization. Confirm by clicking Erase Authorization.
    Screenshot highlighting the Erase Device Authorization button in ADE
  5. Your device is now deauthorized. The next time you transfer an eBook to your device, it will authorize it with the same OverDrive account or Adobe ID you're using on your computer.
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2015 03:20PM EST