If you can't find a title that you placed on hold, there are a few possible explanations:

  • The same library card must be used to place and retrieve holds. For example, if you place a title on hold using a family member's library card, then sign in with your own card to retrieve that hold, the title will not appear.
  • If you've recently replaced your library card (because the old one was lost, stolen, or worn out), and the holds from your old library card haven't been added to your new card, contact your library to move your holds to your new card.
  • You may not have retrieved the title during the hold period set by your library. Titles are held for a limited time before they're returned to your library's collection. The email notice you receive lets you know how long the title will be held.
  • You may have successfully borrowed the title. Please check for it in your library's digital collection.

Tips for retrieving your hold

  • Place and retrieve holds using the same library card.
  • Retrieve your hold as soon as you receive the hold notification email.
  • Check your library's digital collection to see if you've successfully borrowed the title.
  • Use automatic checkout (if available) to have your holds automatically checked out to you as soon as they're available.
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017 04:56PM EST