You can use the "get books" feature to quickly access your library's digital collection and borrow titles from the OverDrive app.

How to add a library to your "get books" list

  1. Open OverDrive for Windows Phone.
  2. Swipe from right to left to view the "get books" screen. Then, tap more.
    Image of the get books screen.
  3. Swipe from right to left to get to the search screen.
  4. Enter your library's name, city, or postal code in the "search for a library" box. Tap submit.
    Image of the search screen.
  5. Tap the star icon star plus icon next to a library to add it to your list.
    Image of the add a website screen.
  6. Tap a library from the "get books" list to go to the library's digital collection.
    Image of the get books list.
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2017 10:56AM EST