Make sure that you safely remove or eject devices from your computer when you're done transferring files and/or titles. This helps to keep files on your MP3 player, eReader, or multimedia device intact and working properly.

Note: The manual for your device may have more specific information on how to do this. If you're having trouble, refer to the documentation for your specific device.

On Windows computers

  1. Find the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon in your system tray. It will be down by the clock, and look like this:
    Note: You may have to click the little arrow in the system tray to see all of the icons.
    Safely remove hardware and eject media icon
  2. Click on the icon, then select your device.
    Safely remove hardware and eject media device list
  3. A dialog pops up, informing you that it's safe to remove your hardware. Once it does, unplug your device.
    Save to remove hardware dialog that appears after ejecting your device

On Mac computers

  1. Open Finder and find your device under "Devices."
    Device list from Finder
  2. Click the Eject button next to your device's name.
  3. Once it disappears from "Finder," you can disconnect your device.
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2015 03:32PM EST