UPDATE 3/6/2016: We've released an update for OverDrive for iOS (3.5.2), which includes updated error messages and some individual eBook fixes (which should reduce the number of "Fulfillment Failed" errors), and also addresses the issue of library cards not being remembered. If you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this article, please update to the latest version of the app and try again before using the steps below. 

We appreciate your patience as we continue working through these issues.

Unexpected app crashes

Here are a few scenarios where you may be unexpectedly taken back to your device's home screen or experience an app crash:

  • When you try opening the app
  • When you try downloading a title to the app bookshelf
  • When you try opening a title from the app bookshelf

If you experience any of these issues, please try uninstalling the OverDrive app, rebooting your device, then reinstalling the app. You can find these steps for iOS devices here (start with step 4).

Inability to download or open eBooks

There are a few error messages you may see, such as:

  • eBook Already Fulfilled: This eBook has been downloaded using a different account. Authorize this device with the same OverDrive account (or Adobe ID) originally used to download the title.
  • Fulfillment Failed: An error occurred when adding this eBook to the app bookshelf.

If you see an "eBook Already Fulfilled" error

  1. If the eBook is on your app bookshelf, tap Edit in the top-right corner.
    If the eBook is not on your app bookshelf, skip to step 3.
  2. Tap the Delete button below the problematic eBook.
  3. Go back to your library website and re-add the eBook to your app bookshelf.

If you see a "Fulfillment Failed" error

  1. Open the Home menu by tapping the icon in the top-left corner.
  2. Tap Settings, then Adobe ID.
  3. Tap Deauthorize, then confirm.
  4. Tap Authorize, then Yes.
  5. Go back to your library website and re-add the eBook to your app bookshelf.

Other known issues

We're also working on fixes for the following issues that some users are experiencing:

  • When you open an eBook in your browser, you're prompted to sign into your library again.
  • Library card information isn't remembered, even after you check the "Remember my library card" box.
  • A "Title added" message appears when you add a title to your app bookshelf, but the title doesn't show up on your app bookshelf.
  • An "Unknown error" occurs when you try to download titles. For now, you can select the "Read" option on your Checkouts page to read the eBook in your Safari browser instead.
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016 02:44PM EST