Your library may allow you to exclude content categorized under certain "maturity levels" while you browse and search their digital collection.

The maturity levels you can choose from are:

  • Juvenile: Fiction and nonfiction titles for children.
  • Young Adult: Fiction and nonfiction titles for young adults.
  • General Adult: General fiction and nonfiction.
  • Mature Adult: Fiction and nonfiction for readers over the age of 18 (for example, erotic literature).

How to choose your maturity level(s)

  1. Log into your Account on your library's digital collection website.
  2. Select your Settings page.
  3. Use the "Maturity level(s)" setting (if available) to choose the range of content that you would like to see.
    Screenshot of maturity levels setting
    For example, if you never wanted to see mature adult content, you would select Juvenile to General Adult. If you never wanted to see juvenile or young adult content, you would select General Adult to Mature Adult. If you want to see everything, keep Juvenile to Mature Adult selected.
  4. Select Save to save your maturity settings before you leave the page.

Your library may also allow you to hide adult cover images while you're browsing or searching your library's digital collection.

Note: Content in your library's digital collection will only be filtered based on your "Maturity level(s)" setting when you're signed into your library account.

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2014 09:39AM EDT