You can borrow Kindle Books from your library and deliver them wirelessly to your Kindle device, a free Kindle reading app (available for many platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac), or Kindle Cloud Reader.

If you're using a Kindle Fire, Fire HD, or Fire HDX, please refer to our guide on getting started with Kindle Fire devices.

Note: Kindle Books are currently available for U.S. libraries only.

Step 1

Use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to open your library's OverDrive-powered website (find it using

Step 2

On your library's OverDrive-powered website, use the advanced search or search filters to find an eBook that's available in the Kindle Book format (or, look for the "Available formats" on each title's details page).

Step 3

Once you borrow an eBook that's available as a Kindle Book, select Kindle Book from the Download drop-down menu that appears next to the title on your Bookshelf, then select Confirm & Download. You'll be taken to Amazon's website to complete your checkout.

Step 4

On Amazon's website, follow the on-screen prompts to "Get library book" and wirelessly deliver it to your Kindle device or reading app. You'll need to sign in to your Amazon account to complete this process. If you don't have an Amazon account, you'll be prompted to create one.

Note: Library books require a Wi-Fi connection for download to Kindle devices. If you do not have an available Wi-Fi connection, you will need to transfer the eBook via USB.

Once you deliver a library Kindle Book to your device or reading app, it works like any other Kindle Book.

For a video overview of how to get started with a Kindle or a Kindle reading app, check out our Kindle help videos or our Kindle reading apps help videos.

For more help with Kindle or Kindle reading apps, please visit Amazon support.

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2014 05:21PM EDT