What you need

Note: Available formats vary by library, and not all computers support every format. With Windows, you can enjoy periodicals (Windows 8 only), eBooks, audiobooks, music, and streaming and downloadable videos. With Mac, you can enjoy eBooks, MP3 audiobooks, and streaming videos.

How to get titles

  1. Find and open your library's digital collection website.
  2. Look for an available title. You can:
    • Browse the titles on the home page.
    • Use the menu at the top of the page to browse categories.
    • Run a search.
  3. Mouse over a title, then click Borrow.
    Screenshot of the Borrow option on the moused-over menu
    Or, click more to view the title's details page. From here, click Borrow .
    If prompted, sign in.
    Screenshot of the Borrow button from title's details page
    Note: If you're getting a magazine or newspaper, you'll see Send to NOOK app instead of Borrow. See getting started with periodicals for more help.
  4. Your library Bookshelf will open, displaying title(s) you've borrowed. From here, you can:
    • Click Read (In your browser) to open an eBook in your browser with OverDrive Read or MediaDo Reader.
      Screenshot of the Read option from the library bookshelf
    • Click Play to open a streaming video in your browser.
      Screenshot of the Play button on your library bookshelf
    • Or, select a format from the Download drop-down menu, then click Confirm & Download.
      • Select Kindle Book to complete checkout on Amazon's website and send the title to your Kindle or Kindle reading app (U.S. libraries only).
      • Select a different eBook format to download and open it in Adobe Digital Editions or OverDrive for Windows 8.
      • Select an audiobook format to download and open it in OverDrive's desktop app or OverDrive for Windows 8.
      • Select a music or video format to download and open in OverDrive's desktop app (Windows only).

If you'd like to learn more about reading eBooks, streaming videos, getting periodicals, listening to audiobooks on a Mac, or enjoying audiobooks, music, and video on a Windows computer, we can help with that too.

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2015 10:12AM EST