You can download (cache) an OverDrive Read eBook on your computer or device so you can read it later offline (without an internet connection) using your web browser.

Downloading OverDrive Read eBooks

Open the Read menu on larger screens by selecting the Menu button at the top of the screen.

Read menu button on a larger screen

Or, on smaller devices (like smartphones), tap the middle of the screen, then the Menu icon.

Read menu icon on a smaller screen

Select the cloud icon under the "Download" section to save the book for offline reading.

Note: Not all browsers are compatible with offline reading mode.

Download section in the OverDrive Read menu

Once you click the cloud, the book you're reading is saved to your browser's cache. Please note that if you clear the cache, you'll also clear any books you've downloaded through OverDrive Read. There is no download limit on these eBooks, however, so you can download them again whenever you need to during the lending period.

If you need to save some space on your device, click the cloud, then the X twice to clear a book from your browser cache.

Screenshot showing the clear download option

Before you go offline, make sure to save the URL for the OverDrive Read eBook you downloaded (we recommend bookmarking it in your browser). Then, once you're offline, you'll need to open your web browser and go to the URL of the OverDrive Read eBook (or, just open your browser bookmark) to keep reading it. This can be done without an internet connection.

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014 04:58PM EST