With OverDrive Read, you can borrow and read eBooks right in your browser with a single click. You don't need to download files or install extra software.

To start using OverDrive Read, borrow an eBook from your library's OverDrive website, then click or tap the Read button next to the eBook on your Bookshelf (under your Account). The book will open in a new tab in your browser.

Screenshot of the Read button on your Bookshelf

The basics

Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn the pages.

Click or tap and hold a word to define it, make a note, or highlight some text.

Click or tap the bookmark icon to save a bookmark. On smaller screens, tap the middle of the screen to make the bookmark icon appear, then tap the icon to save your bookmark.

Screenshot highlighting the bookmark icon on a small screen

Click or tap the middle of the screen to bring up the seekometer, which lets you scroll quickly through the book and see where you've made bookmarks and highlights.

Screenshot of the seekometer in OverDrive Read

The menu

To open the OverDrive Read menu on larger screens, select the Menu button at the top of the screen.

Menu button in an OverDrive Read eBook

Or, on smaller screens, tap the middle of the screen, then tap the menu icon.

The Read menu button on smaller screens

Menu features include:

  • Search: Look for a word or phrase in the eBook text.
  • Chapters: Browse the eBook's table of contents and quickly jump to chapters.
  • Marks: View the bookmarks, notes, and highlights you've placed in the eBook.
  • Readability: Adjust the eBook's text size, lighting, and font (available for most eBooks). Learn more about the readability settings below.
  • Download: Cache an eBook in your browser (or on your iOS device's home screen) so you can read it later without an internet connection. Learn more about offline reading here.

Readability settings

In many OverDrive Read eBooks, you can adjust the readability settings to change how the eBook looks.

Readability settings include:

  • Text scale: Use the slider to adjust the size of the text in the eBook.
    Screenshot of the text scale in OverDrive Read
  • Lighting: Choose day (black text on a white background) or night (white text on a black background).
    Screenshot of the lighting option in OverDrive Read
    Note: If you're looking for sepia mode, make sure neither Lighting option is selected and choose the Paperback book design instead.
  • Book design: Choose a preset design you like, or select DIY to customize font, justification, and line spacing.
    Screenshot of the book design options in OverDrive Read

Note: Fixed-layout eBooks (like graphic novels or picture books) don't have readability options because the publisher decides exactly how each page will display. Learn more about fixed-layout eBooks here.

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