The idea behind our browser-based reading experience (OverDrive Read) is simple. When you see a book you like, you can start reading it with just a single click. We call this, "See book, read book," and it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Since OverDrive Read uses HTML5, most up-to-date web browsers are compatible. You can read on your computer (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux), your phone (iOS 6+ or Android 2.3+), and your tablet (iOS 6+, Android 2.3+, or Windows 8). You can read more about compatibility here.

With an internet connection, your reading progress and bookmarks will sync and show up on whatever device you use to open an OverDrive Read eBook.

Try an OverDrive Read sample now to see how it works.

How do I use OverDrive Read?

When you click or tap Read next to a title on your library Bookshelf or open an eBook sample, it will open in a new tab in your browser.

Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn pages.

Click or tap and hold a word to define it, make a note, or highlight some text.

Click or tap the bookmark icon in the upper-right to save your position.

Screenshot showing an OverDrive Read eBook

To open the Read menu on larger screens, select the Menu button at the top of the screen.

The Read menu button

Or, on smaller devices (like smartphones), tap the middle of the screen, then the menu icon.

The Read menu button on smaller screens

You can scroll up and down to see all of the menu options, or use the icons in the top-right corner to navigate to each section of the menu.

Use the table of contents (called "Chapters" in the menu) to navigate quickly through an eBook.

Screenshot showing the table of contents

Use the "Marks" section to view bookmarks, highlights, and notes you've placed in an eBook. Select a marked passage to open it in the reader.

screenshot showing the marks section of the menu

You can search for a word or phrase from within the eBook text.

Screenshot showing an example search

Change the readability options to control how an eBook is displayed.

Note:Fixed layout eBooks don't have readability options since the publisher decides how each page looks in the reader.

Screenshot showing the readability options
  • Use the "Text scale" slider to adjust the size of the text within an eBook.
  • Select either day or night mode under "Lighting."
  • Tap or click through the various book designs to find the one you like.
    Note: If you're looking for a sepia option, make sure no "Lighting" option is selected, then choose Paperback under "Book Design."
  • If you prefer to create your own book design, select DIY.
    Screenshot showing the DIY options

Download (cache) a book so you can read it later in your browser without an internet connection.
Note: Most fixed layout eBooks are too large to completely cache in your browser, but you'll be able to download a portion of the eBook to read offline. Narrated eBooks are too large to cache in your browser, and do not offer the download option.

Screenshot showing the download panel

Some OverDrive Read books come with professional narration. You can learn more about that here.

A few things to keep in mind

OverDrive recommends Google Chrome as a strong HTML5 browser (great for OverDrive Read) that works across multiple platforms.

Internet Explorer 10 or newer is required for OverDrive Read.

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014 04:58PM EST