Choose the image below that looks like the titles on your library's website.

The Recommend feature is not currently available for new OverDrive websites.

Learn more about the new OverDrive here.

If your library has the Recommend feature, you can use the steps below to browse through digital titles that your library doesn't own yet. You can then make recommendations to let your library know what you'd like to be added to the digital collection.

Note: If you recommend a title to your library, there is no guarantee they will purchase it.

  1. After you search for something in your library's digital collection, click or tap the Add titles you can recommend button (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see it).
    The Add titles you can recommend button. See instructions above.
  2. Once you select this button, the site will run your original search again, showing titles your library doesn't own yet in your results. You can then continue to sort and filter your results to find exactly what you're looking for.
    Note: Another way to add recommendable titles to your search results is by selecting Additional Titles to Recommend in the search filters (if available) or in the advanced search.
    The additional titles to recommend option in the search results filters
  3. To determine which titles you can recommend to your library, look for the recommend icon.
    The recommend icon on a title's jacket
  4. To recommend a title, mouse over it (or tap it, on a mobile device) and select the Recommend button. If prompted, sign in.
    The Recommend button on a title's jacket.
  5. When you select Recommend, a new page will open where you can choose to be notified or placed on the holds list if your library purchases the title.
    Recommend page
  6. Select Recommend this title to complete your recommendation.

Your library can limit how many titles you're allowed to recommend in a given period of time, so if you've hit your limit, just wait a few days, then try again.

You can view a list of titles you've recommended under your Account > Lists > Titles you recommended. Once you recommend a title to your library, you cannot remove it from your "Titles you recommended" list because your library has already been alerted that you've made the request.

You may also be able to use the Buy It Now feature (if your library offers it) to purchase digital titles for your own collection.

Last Updated: May 23, 2016 03:12PM EDT