The OverDrive app is a great way to quickly borrow and enjoy audiobooks, eBooks, and streaming video from your library or school.

If you'd rather enjoy titles without installing an app, you can use your web browser to read OverDrive Read eBooks or watch some streaming videos. To read eBooks or watch video directly in your browser, find your library's digital collection on, then skip to step 4 in the instructions below.

How it works

  1. Install OverDrive's app from the Windows Phone store.
  2. From the app, swipe from left to right to get to the "get books" screen.
  3. Tap a library on your list to open its digital collection website.
    If your list is empty, or you need to add a new library, tap find a library and follow the prompts.
  4. On your library website, look for a title that's available to borrow. You can:
    • Browse the titles on the home page.
    • Use the menu at the top of the page to browse categories.
    • Run a search.
  5. When you find a title that looks interesting, tap on the title, then tap Borrow to check it out.
    Screenshot of the Borrow button that appears when you tap a title
    Or, tap more to view the title's details page. From here, tap Borrow to check it out.
    If prompted, sign in.
    Screenshot of "Borrow" button on a title's details page
  6. Your library Bookshelf will open, displaying the title(s) you've borrowed. From here, you can:
    • Tap Download to download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks to your bookshelf in the OverDrive app.
      Screenshot of the Download button for an eBook on your library bookshelf
    • Tap Read to open an eBook in your browser with OverDrive Read.
      Note: You'll need to open OverDrive Read eBooks from your normal web browser (not through the OverDrive app) to be able to read them.
      Screenshot of the Read button for an eBook on your library bookshelf
    • Or, tap Play to begin watching a streaming video in your browser.
      Note: Some titles, like those from Starz, cannot be played on Windows Phone.
      Screenshot of the Play button for a streaming video on your library bookshelf
  7. If you downloaded an EPUB eBook or MP3 audiobook, tap ok, then ok again to open your app bookshelf. From there, tap a title to begin reading or listening.
    Screenshot of a borrowed title on the app bookshelf

Note: If this is your first time downloading an eBook, you may need to authorize OverDrive for Windows Phone using your Adobe ID.

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2015 06:07PM EDT